• CompanyDocs

    The CompanyDocs online service provides a quick, easy and automated way to establish corporate structures Australia (such as company registrations and trusts) through an easy-to-use system to collect and compile information and instructions relating to registering a new company.

    CompanyDocs services include:

    New company registrations

    New / replacement Company Constitution

    Self Managed Superannuation Funds

  • Why choose CompanyDocs?

    CompanyDocs provides:

    High quality legal documents provided by top 20 legal firms, Sparke Helmore

    Simple online ordering – easy to use wizard

    Fast turnaround time – direct electronic lodgement with ASIC

    Quick download of easy to read company documents after registration

    Full transaction history of all company registrations through CompanyDocs

    You can share company documents with others within CompanyDocs.

    Competitive pricing

  • Quality documentation

    Each corporate structure established through MYOB CompanyDocs is accompanied by a Documentation Package, which consists of high quality legal documents provided by top 20 legal firms, Sparke Helmore.

    Sparke Helmore is a top 20 law firm of 600 people working from eight offices across Australia,

    Sparke Helmore are experts in legislation and current-day practices relating to company incorporations, trusts and self-managed superannuation funds.

    Their expertise also spans commercial, construction, workplace, insurance, structuring, superannuation, mining, manufacturing, property and procurement.

    This year, Sparke Helmore celebrates its 130th anniversary know more

    To obtain sample documents relating to starting a company, click here

    To obtain sample documents relating to a self-managed super fund, click here

  • Simple online ordering

    CompanyDocs provides an easy-to-use online process. It lets you compile, enter and submit details in an eight step process.

    As an example of this, the process for a company registration includes:

    Step 1 New company details, including:

    Proposed name

    Identifying type of structure

    Whether the name has been reserved


    Step 2 Registered office address, including:

    Address details

    If the company intends to occupy the Registered Office

    Principal place of business


    Step 3 Officers and members of the company, including:

    Roles to be held

    Address and details of officeholders and members


    Step 4 Share Structure, including:

    Share structure

    Shares to be allotted and share class

    Amount paid and unpaid on shares


    Step 5 Other related details; including:

    Passing resolutions

    Pre-emptive rights

    Whether there is an ultimate holding company


    Step 6 Preview and confirm
    Step 7 Pay and submit
    Step 8 Lodgement of company registration
  • Fast turnaround time

    MYOB CompanyDocs provides a fast turnaround; from collecting client instructions through its simple online ordering process, to compiling these instructions and populating into relevant templates, through to uploading the completed Documentation Package.

    For the registration of new companies, this turnaround time is achieved through a direct electronic lodgement with ASIC

    Once the online ordering is completed, a quick download of easy to read company documents is available from the dashboard.

    The dashboard with CompanyDocs provides a full transaction history of all orders placed for corporate establishments. These details are summarized in an easy-to-read format, with the status of each transaction.

    At the time of processing your order within CompanyDocs, you can also share documents with others. This feature saves time by eliminating the need for duplications or extra steps involved to receive, compile and then forward-on documents; allowing Accounting firms the ability to directly share documents with their clients, or for documents to be sent directly officers and members.

  • Support

    MYOB's company registration service is supported in various ways, including:

    Company name search
    You can check the availability of a name of your new company, before submitting an application,
    To check ASIC’s records for name availability, click here

    Video on how to register your company
    A video is provided to outline the ease of use of CompanyDocs.
    To access the company registration video, click here

    Help Notes
    To assist in better understanding specific details required to incorporate a company and tailor the structure of the company to specific needs, pop-up, or hover prompts, are included within the data-capture screens.

    Sample Documents
    You have the ability to view the types of documents that you will receive as part of the Company Formation Package. click here

    Step-by-Step Creation Guides
    A summary of the steps to be taken in order to successfully set up a company are provided; including what forms and consents must be signed and documents to be lodged.

    Useful links
    Links are provided to useful Internet sites, including ASIC and the ATO, covering information sheets on different topics

    Live Chat
    To obtain information relating to establishing a new company, contact us via our Live Chat facility.
    To chat to a consultant click here

    Answers to frequently asked questions are provided.
    To obtain a list of detailed frequently asked questions relating to a company formation, click here

    Legal support
    Advice on legislation and current-day practices relating to company formations, trusts and self-managed superannuation matters is available through our legal partners, Sparke Helmore,
    To make contact with Sparke Helmore click here

    Articles and regular updates on the website
    MYOB regularly provides news articles and updates on topics and information relating to setting up a company and running a business, to assist customers to keep up to date

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